Install wordpress with docker Fedora 29

This is an introduction to docker. Get a docker image prepared by the software owner which you want to install.

In this tutorial we will download from docker hub the image for wordpress and the image for mysql/mariadb server.

The wordpress image has a little bit of magic in it, there is a php and httpd installation packaged with wordpress. There is also a mapping to connect to a mysql server.

The mysql server docker image is a standalone image. This will be used by wordpress docker image.

The docker hub. This is the “App Store” for docker.

Look for docker images here:

For instance I will get docker image for wordpress:

Scroll down to read important information of this docker image. You will need to pass values to variables set by the creators of this image.

docker pull mariadb:latest
docker run -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=XXX -e MYSQL_USER=wpuser -e MYSQL_PASSWORD=YYY -e MYSQL_DATABASE=wpdb -v /home/albertop/dvol/mysqldir/:/var/lib/mysql --name wordpressdb -d mariadb
docker pull wordpress:latest
docker run -e WORDPRESS_DB_USER=wpuser -e WORDPRESS_DB_PASSWORD=YYY -e WORDPRESS_DB_NAME=wpdb -p 80:80 -v /home/albertop/dvol/htmldir/:/var/www/html --link wordpressdb:mysql --name wpcontainer -d wordpress

Install docker Fedora 29

docker is available in official fedora repo. However, I recommend to use rpms directly from docker site:

From here download rpms for:


Disable/uninstall sssd as this package will prevent to rpm to create docker group and usermod will fail. will not be recognized by rpm when installing docker-ce. Use
–-no-deps option for rpm when installing docker-ce.