Install OpenShift in Fedora 31 with Container Development Kit CDK 3.11

CDK is the Container Developer Toolkit from Red Hat. It allows to setup RHEL based OpenShift.

The guide I followed is at:

The guide does not mention that you can install CDK in Fedora as it does specifically mention that supports installation in RHEL, macOS and Windows.

For this you will need to meet the following prerequisites:

  • KVM with libvirtd service or
  • VirtualBox (In my case, libvirtd was broken so I tested with Oracle VirtualBox 6.1.4)
  • RedHat Developer Subscription

The first step is to download minishift version for OpenShift: cdk-3.11.0-1-minishift-linux-amd64

Rename this file to minishift and then run:

minishift setup-cdk 

Then with the start option.

minishift start --memory 12G
minishift start with 12GB
minishift start. Continuation…
minishift start. Continuation
minishift start. Note instructions to log into console.

Launch console

minishift console
Launching console…

Then you will be able to log into cluster

minishift console after logging with developer user

The catalog looks impressive to me.

Please, note that:

CDK installs a single node OpenShift cluster. The version deployed is 3.11.157, this versions uses Kubernetes 1.11.

The latest version for Openshift is 4.3 and the latest version for Kubernetes is 1.17. (As March 2020). Openshift 4.3, however, uses Kubernetes 1.16.Apparently there is no CDK for OpenShift 4.x. It looks to me that the way to install a Development Environment is by using Red Hat Code Ready Containers.

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