Openshift vs Kubernetes

I want to describe the challenges one have to face when learning kubernetes. It turns out that is not that easy to describe what kubernetes is.

After digging a little bit the internet, I wanted to try kubernetes. The number of options available is outrageous. By chance, I opted to use Red Hat Open Container Kit. I learned this is a streamlined version of OpenShift which is the enterprise version of kubernetes from redhat.

Red Hat Open Container also is a streamlined version for minishift.

minishift will create a VM with kubernetes and docker setup for you. You have two options to setup minishift with virtualization. Either you use VirtualBox driver or kvm/libvirt. I wanted to use kvm/libvirt in my laptop with Fedora 31. I realized libvirtd is broken in my fedora 31 setup. So I was forced to use Virtual Box driver.

I also noticed this version of CDK only supports openshift 3 while RH is already in Openshift v4.

What I found confusing is the use of docker in CDK. While RedHat is pushing the use of cri-o and podman instead of docker. Add to the confusion the okd project.

Anyway I think is a little bit oudated the use of CDK, but let’s give it a try as it looks as a good start to learn about kubernetes.

I found this link which helped me to understand better:

So the first step is to download cdk-3.11.0-1-minishift-linux-amd64

openshift console command launching web console after logging with developer user

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