Create gcp YouTube api key for mpsyt

After running mpsyt for a while, I started to face an issue with the latest branch:

Looking for “Tiesto” media

The following error was coming up when trying to search:

Error fetching data. Possible network issue.
Youtube Error 403: The request cannot be completed because you have exceeded your quota.

No results from search comman

Then, looking into mpsyt github repo you can find there the solution:

You will need to create from Google Cloud Platform key to access YouTube v3 API.

Go to GCP console, from your project create an API key for YouTube V3:

GCP console. YouTube Data API v3

Once you generate API v3, (I selected one for cli), I updated mpsyt client with the new key:

set api_key command inside mpsyt

Voila, now I’m able to use mpsyt downloder again to access my favorite stuff:

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