Rules to pronounce french

There are 23 consonant sounds.

Il y a 23 sons de consonnes.

Er zijn 23 – geluiden.

There are 16 vowel sounds. Il y a 16 sons de voyelles. Er zijn 16 -geluiden. Es gibt 16 Vokaletone.

We only need 3 new consonant sounds and 10 new vowel sounds.

NG – aGNeaux – lamb

R – Roue – wheel

u – hUit

a – patte – leg/paw/hoof


long i – smiling, like see y, fini, si.


like u – like see with rounded lips

chute, rue, tu


like double oo in boot

coup, clown, roue


like play

marcher, chez, pied


like o u

jeuner, queue, ceux


haut, tot, so

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