Rules to pronounce correctly dutch

a – short a.

When a syllable containing a ends with a consonant. i.e. kat, kat-en.

aa – long a.

Of course, when a syllable contains aa. i.e. raam.

or a not followed by a constant. i.e. ra-men.

e – short e.

i.e. gek.

ee – long e.

Sounds like long e with smiling mouth. i.e. veel.

Exception een. double e sounds like short e.

Een with long sound is the number one in dutch. (Één).

i – short i. i.e. kip

ie – long i. i.e. lief

o – short o. i.e. bos.

oo – long o. i.e. boom.

u – short u. oh bus

uu – long u. i.e. muur u francersa




exception: termination lijk. Sounds like luck in english.

moeilijk, duidelijk, gemakkelijk, lelijk

ou – au . Sounds like au. i.e. koud. pauze

oe = u. i.e. koe, mou

ui – Sound like oui. i.e. huis

eu- e francesa


Other sounds:

b at end sounds like p. i.e.

d at end sounds like t. i.e.

s+j. sch i.e. meisje girl

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