Customize your terminal with Oh-my-zsh for Fedora

I have customized my Linux Terminals. Terminals I use are Terminator and Terminology. I use zsh Shell and Oh-My-Zsh framework to add some cool functionality.

For instance, a cool prompt with git integration. I see a git notification in the prompt telling me that 1 file was modified and 11 files are not tracked. It is a summary from git status.

Cool command line plus git integration.

Nice Icons showing folders and file types …

Cool icons associated to files

Tab completion. Type tab key to complete path. You can use arrow keys to navigate files and folders.

Tab completion and navigation.

Command line Fuzzy finder. Type Ctrl-r in terminal then type command to look for. You will get a list of previous commands typed before associated to search.

Type Ctrl-r then pattern. You have option to navigate with arrow keys

Plugins. The git plugin, for instance, shows me all the options for git when typing git then Tab Tab.

Git plugin shows git sub commands.

Use it with tmux!

Tmux adds nice footer

Quick steps to achieve this setup.

Install zsh

Install nerd and awesome fonts

Install oh-my-zsh

Install powerlevel10k

Install syntax highlighting and autosuggestion

install fzf then run install

More about fzf here:h

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